Doctopus and Goobric

The combination of Doctopus and Goobric has completely changed the way I distribute and grade electronic assignments. If you haven’t used these tools, they will most likely blow your mind.

Basically, Doctopus reaches it’s tentacles into your students’ Google Drive accounts and places an assignment in a folder it makes for them. Doctopus populates a list of all of the links to these assignments in your spreadsheet. Students do not have to share the document with you because you already have it! No more inundation of share notification emails and sifting through your shared folder to find documents! You can even see from your spreadsheet if your students have been editing their documents.

Image result for doctopus

It gets better with Goobric! Make the rubric you want to grade the assignment with in Sheets, attach it to the assignment using Doctopus and grade away! When you open one of your students’ assignments, the Goobric extension will recognize that the rubric is attached to it and you can electronically complete the rubric. Goobric will attach the completed rubric to the student’s assignment and can even email it to them. You can even leave typed and voice comments! All of those rubric scores then get compiled into your original spreadsheet.

Sounds awesome, right? Here is how you do it…

First, make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser. Start by opening up a new spreadsheet in Google Drive. Click the “Add-ons” drop down menu, click “get add-ons” and download Doctopus. You can then open Doctopus from the same menu. Doctopus does a really good job at walking you through the process step by step.

Life hack: You don’t want to end up typing in all of your students’ names and emails by hand to generate your roster.

Have your students fill out a Google Form at the beginning of the year with their names and email addresses. Now you already have a roster compiled for you in spreadsheet form!

Once you have gone through all of the steps of Doctopus, you should see a button that says “attach a Goobric” in the Doctopus control panel. Click that button if you are feeling adventurous. A nice window with instructions about downloading the Goobric Chrome extension should pop up. Once you have downloaded the extension you need a rubric. Make your rubric in Google Sheets. Put your possible grades along the top and your criteria down the first column. Here is an example:

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.19.31 PM

Now go back to your Doctopus control panel and tell Goobric where your rubric is located in your Google Drive and attach it. When you open up your students’ assignments, you should see this guy pop up in your address bar. 

Click him and all your electronic grading dreams will come true. Your rubric will pop up and you can start grading. Goobric will attached the completed rubric and any comments you make to the student’s work. It will even email the student if you want. The best part is if you click “next”, it will automatically open the next assignment in your spreadsheet.

I love this for lab reports in my chemistry class and article reviews in my environmental science class.

Happy grading!


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