SBG Presentation

I have been doing a lot of presentations on standards-based grading lately and I thought this might be a good place to post the slides I have been using. Feel free to borrow, implement and ask questions!

PDF: HSTW-Making Standards-Based Grading Work for You

2 responses to “SBG Presentation

  1. Lauren, found your blog sometime over the past year and enjoy it in part because some of the modeling sequence changes you made I had done as well. I was curious if you cover any of the beyond core units ( for example, I do atomic models in conjunction with Thomson Model). I was also curious how you introduce the use of the Periodic Table ( I do in stages starting with our first model – “and these particles as we will learn all have been given names”). We also do a similiar flavor of SBG and wondering if you plan to stay with as many standards as you posted!

    So intrigued that you find time for coding! Thinking I have to do that…thanks for the push!

    Finally, I noted in your blog 180 you did a “day” of forensics! Care to share what you did. So glad you and others have the energy to blog about your classrooms.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer …schools bells will be ringing before we know it!!

    Paul Mollinger
    St Louis, MO


    • Hi Paul! Thanks so much for your compliments, I am excited to hear that you are using SBG with modeling! I do get through some beyond core units that I added this past year. I have double-blocked labs at my new school every other day so I found myself having the luxury of extra time! After stoich, I do a unit called “the nucleus” that I co-wrote at a modeling PD last summer. I have a blog post half written about it, I just have to finish it! Then, I do a unit called “beyond the nucleus” which deals with the Bohr model and the quantum mechanical model. I am reworking that unit for a PD this summer so I will probably post the whole thing when I am done with it because it is all original material. I end with an acids and bases unit. I probably will not post that unit until next year when I rework it and it is better field-tested. I am picking up an honors prep next year so I will actually be adding more learning targets and possibly a kinetics and equilibrium unit!

      The forensics day I did was a ton of fun! I kind of came up with it on the fly during state testing week because my students were feeling burned out from the adjusted schedule. I will actually be expanding on it next year as a practicum in my “beyond the nucleus” unit. Basically, I set up a fake crime scene and planted some evidence: a murder note, a white powder, a brown liquid and a vile of clear liquid. I then came up with a police report that listed some information about the suspects (all teachers) that could be connected to the evidence. Students had to examine the crime scene and determine what tests to request from the lab. They ran chromatography to determine whose pen wrote the note, they used mass spec data to determine the empirical formulas for ingredients in the brown liquid (aspartame and caffeine), they again used mass spec data to calculate the atomic mass of the elemental white powder (calcium dust) and they used miscibility rules to determine that the clear liquid in the vile was polar (rubbing alcohol). Students then had to compare their results with what they knew about that suspects and write their expert testimonies (Collins Type 2 writing). The students had a ton of fun with it. I actually had to stop them from running down the hall to interrogate teacher suspects! I made some of the evidence point to two suspects so they couldn’t just run one test and call it a day.

      Feel free to comment or email ( if you have any other questions. Have a great school year!


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