When I hear people throw around the buzz-word “scientific inquiry,” this is what comes to mind…


Often times we get so caught up in providing students with hands-on learning experiences that we forget the big picture. Modeling instruction seeks to correct disjointed and fractured curricula by focusing content on a few discrete scientific models.

Modeling instruction was developed by David Hestenes and company at Arizona State University in 1990. It was originally developed for physics curriculum but has since been expanded to chemistry, biology, physical science and some middle school curriculum. You can read more about the Modeling Instruction on the American Modeling Teachers Association website.

I am personally devoted to the chemistry modeling instruction curriculum. You can read more about my love for chemistry modeling in the posts below:

Also, check out the blogs I have linked to in my side-bar. There are a ton of amazing teachers using Modeling Instruction who have better blogs than me!

Once you have done all your reading, sign up for a Modeling Instruction professional development course and drink the Kool-Aid.


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